Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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Heidi Lab Grown ring
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  • 10K White Gold
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Pear Cut Engagement Ring

Pear Cut Engagement Ring Due to their artistry, pear-shaped diamond rings often appear larger than their actual carat size - who wouldn't want that? Their stunning facet arrangement ensures your diamond will be noticed from far and wide! Wearing one adds extra class with every gesture made.

Most owners choose to wear their pear-shaped diamond rings with the point facing away from them for maximum effect and elegance. This gives an illusion of longer fingers, making their hand even lovelier and expressive. However, as pear diamonds can also be found in pendants and earrings as well, making them even more desirable among designers. Pendant earrings featuring gorgeous pear stones dangling down from them with points facing upwards can create stunning reflections as the wearer moves their face around; working with mesmeric pear cut engagement rings creates true pleasure from any form of jewelry item designed around this shape for sure!

Pear shape stones have long been popular with jewelry fans. Boasting two ends resembling round brilliant shapes (one end rounded and pointed on opposite ends like Marquise stones!) these attractive stones continue to draw admirers year-after-year.

Pear shapes have also been known as teardrop shapes, which is fitting since they resemble one. But weddings tend to be such joyous occasions that pear shapes tend to be our preferred terminology for these stones.

Did you know that due to its unique shape, pear shape diamonds appear larger than similarly-sized round ones? We love that! Although ideal length-to-width ratio for pear gems could be 1:1.5, every diamond's individual characteristics and tastes vary so this shape may come with 1:1.75 ratio or sometimes even up to 1:2.0 options available as well. These stones typically sit with their point facing toward a lady's fingernail but there are no rules as far as which direction the point faces! Additionally, pear shape diamonds make women hands appear even more graceful while adding beauty! We think!