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Diamond Shape
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GRA Certified Moissanite Diamond With Gold Ring
Swarovski Diamond With Silver Ring
Colour: D-E
Clarity: VVS
Cut Grade: Excellent
Master Diamond Shape: Round Cut
Master Diamond Pieces: 1

Master Diamond Shape: Round Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Radiant Cut, Oval Cut.
Master Diamond Weight: 1.00ct
Master Diamond Pieces: 1
Master Diamond Weight & Size:
Round: 0.8ct-6mm
Cushion: 0.5ct-5mm
Emerald: 1.00ct-7x5mm
Radiant: 1.00ct-7x5mm
Oval: 0.75ct-7x5mm                                                                                                                

Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold & 925 Sterling Silver
Ring Size: 4 US To 9/2 US(Choose From Option).

3CT Diamond Ring: Hidden Halo & Accent Design for Engagement Behold the epitome of magnificence with our opulent 3CT Diamond Ring, intricately designed with a Hidden Halo and Accent Design.

Central Diamond: Dominating the spotlight is a luxurious 3-carat diamond, cut to perfection, ensuring a dance of light with every movement.

Hidden Halo: Beneath the stately central gem, a secret halo of diamonds emerges, offering a delicate, intimate shimmer only the wearer knows.

Diamond Accents: Dazzling diamond accents, tracing the ring's silhouette, enhance the grandeur, creating a breathtaking ensemble of sparkle.

Statement of Luxury: The commanding presence of the 3-carat centerpiece, enriched with the hidden halo and glinting accents, crafts a ring that's truly a class apart.

Timeless Allure: Merging classical design cues with contemporary elegance, this ring stands as an ageless testament to love's grandeur.

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