I came up with the idea of Pure Star after I was inspired by a 27 year old flaunting her Jewelry Rings on Instagram, which he had apparently bought from the earnings he made through his E-Commerce business! I recalls, “I registered the domain www.Pure-Star.com on June 06, 2022, and the rest followed.”

I Have a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience primarily in the areas of business development and operations in India and Middle East. In addition, I'm Certified Happiness Coach!

The duo, who share a great camaraderie, put all their expertise together to become the Co-Founders of Pure-Star. as part of the business from the very beginning and was an expert on Jewelry Business and affiliate marketing. Looking at the potential of the business. With unique items in every possible category from Rings, Earrings, Necklace and Pendants. the Pure-Star family soon swelled to 50000 happy customers all across the world.

“We can’t pick any particular challenge we faced in our business journey, as the journey itself was challenging and exciting.

While success is everyone’s passion, “As a certified happiness coach, I believe our happiness comes from the inside and not from the outside. My passion is the satisfaction and peace I get when I see people succeed. If you help someone to succeed, you will succeed too. If you help someone be happy, you will be happy too,”

“Our desire and goal is to live a life that can be useful to this world in some way. We are building our company so that we can help people who need a career, people who need a salary, and use the profits to help others. Also, when you need your voice to be heard, you should be on top otherwise your voice goes unheard. We want to be an inspiration and a role model and we want to grow to a height where our voice will be heard worldwide,”