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The emerald-cut lab-grown diamond is one of the oldest precious stones, dating back to the 16th Century. Originally, the emerald shape was used to cut emerald stones. However, cutters soon noticed its beauty and began using it for other precious gemstones. The lab grown emerald cuts are a unique alternative to the classic round cut. They have exceptional clarity, and they look stunning when used in fine jewelry. The facets on a lab-grown emerald diamond are rectilinear. This cut produces a prismatic look, rather than brilliance. 
The emerald-cut lab grown diamond has a beautiful shape. The lab grown diamonds have excellent color, clarity and quality. These are the qualities that jewelry lovers look for. If you own a lab-grown diamond that is icy white, pristine, and cut in an emerald shape, then you are truly a winner. The shape alone tells the world that this is a special gemstone.
Emerald-cut lab diamonds are elegant, timeless, and unique. These diamonds are different from others because of their parallel, step cut rather than their angled facets or clipped corners. This cut offers a unique type of sparkle, along with many other benefits.
You'll find your lab-grown diamond in a mounting that is prestigious, as the emerald shape is often associated with couture. You'll never want a different ring. You'll enjoy the aristocratic appearance of an emerald-cut lab grown diamond for decades to come. The lab-grown diamond is exactly the same as an earth-mined diamond. Its optical, chemical, and physical properties are identical to those of diamonds mined from earth. The beauty of a lab-grown diamond is the fact that it will have high color and clarity at a fractional cost.

The rectangular shape of emerald-cut lab diamond rings makes them look elegant and also make the fingers appear longer and thinner. The emerald cut lab diamond rings also appear larger than other diamond shapes with the same carat. Emerald lab diamonds look beautiful in many settings. The cut of these lab diamonds is elegant and understated. They look great in solitaire settings, pave designs, or three-stone rings.